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Comments: Hello, I have been working on the Thornton Family tree on and off for about 20 years. I keep hitting a road block with John Thornton. In his obituary it said his orginal family name was Merriam and was born in Flushing Meadows, NY on November 23, 1784. It says that the family was of some importance and was appointed a naval cadet and was sent to Annapolis where he was guilty of some infraction. To escape arrest and confinement, he headed into Virginia. He ended up near Point Pleasent, WV on the Thornton Farm and was taken in. He adopted their name and that starts a Thornton line. I feel there is someone on the other side of the road block that has the information on their side. If you could help in any way, feel free to e-mail me. Thank you. David M. Thornton
Descendants of Mylon Merriam

The Diary of minister Mylon Merriam is on offer to his descendants. Mylon is the descendant of Jonathan Merriam of Brandon Vermont. Mylon was born in 1811 and his diary covers the years of his life and ministry from 1839 to 1958. Mylon was married first to Diantha Russell, then to Hannah Greene by which he had children Walter Scott Merriam, Mylon Conant Merriam and a daughter Bessie. The diary follows his ministry from Waterville ME, through Vermont, Mass, New Hampshire. Anyone interested in this diary may contact the person offering the diary thru Merriam Family Tree.

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