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Matches 1 to 69 of 69 for Tree equals SEQUOIA AND Branch equals Branch - MERRIAM, John - 21 Jan 1756

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F3144
ADARE, George Milton JAMIESON, Helen Margaret Bef 1926  SEQUOIA 
2 F3145
ADARE, George Milton ROBSON, Irene Louise 19 Aug 1926 Buffalo, Erie Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
3 F3150
ADARE, Norman Merriam BURTON, Verna Georgina Aug 1939  SEQUOIA 
4 F3142
ADARE, Thomas MERRIAM, Amy Marinda 8 Jan 1896 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
5 F3141
ADOR, George W DUNLOP, Edna May 10 Sep 1931 Watertown, Jefferson Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
6 F3156
7 F3151
BROWN, Albert Willis QUINCEY, Clara Leila 26 Jun 1895 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
8 F3147
BROWN, William Frank ADARE, Reta Gratia 20 Nov 1923 Fort Madison, Lee Co, Iowa, United States  SEQUOIA 
9 F3175
BULLOCK, Wilfred James HODSON, Gertude Harry 17 Jan 1906 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
10 F6570
BURKE, Michael MERRIAM, Margaret Adelaide 26 Apr 1941 Montreal, Montreal Co, Quebec, Canada  SEQUOIA 
11 F3194
CARTER, Charles E MERRIAM, Anna Eudora Abt 1898  SEQUOIA 
12 F3170
CLARKE, Charles George MERRIAM, Emma E 16 Jun 1886 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
13 F3173
CLARKE, Harold CLARKE, Genevieve (Wife Of Harold)   SEQUOIA 
14 F3174
CLARKE, Russel Charles GREEN, Lilian 8 Jun 1920  SEQUOIA 
15 F3164
COMINS, George Henry BURR, Sarah L 1881 Watertown, Jefferson Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
16 F3160
COMINS, Henry H MERRIAM, Nancy Abt 1840  SEQUOIA 
17 F3201
COOLEY, Clifford Stone BILLINGS, Mary Elizbeth 1 Sep 1908 Rochester, Monroe Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
18 F3187
COOLEY, Orson M MERRIAM, Harriet Amelia   SEQUOIA 
19 F3190
COOPER, Charles James MERRIAM, Georgia Helen   SEQUOIA 
20 F3196
COOPER, Edward Maurice WILSON, Kathleen Edith   SEQUOIA 
21 F3126
DOOLITTLE, Marcus BOYLE, Essie Adelaide Aft 1883  SEQUOIA 
22 F3139
DUNLOP, John Milton MERRIAM, Lucy Gertrude 28 Dec 1892 Sidney Twp, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
23 F3167
24 F10749
FROST, Daniel Coolidge MERRIAM, Esther Eliza 13 Jun 1869 Springfield, Hampden Co, Massachusetts, United States  SEQUOIA 
25 F10751
FROST, Victor M ASHTON, Caroline E 1896  SEQUOIA 
26 F10750
FROST, Winfield S MAHANEY, Catherine Frances 5 May 1897 Holyoke, Hampden Co, Massachusetts, United States  SEQUOIA 
27 F3172
GRAY, William Henry CLARKE, Mabel 17 Mar 1909 Kingston, Frontenac Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
28 F3138
HART, Oscar E M LING, Myrtle Violet  Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
29 F3169
HILL, Charles CLARKE, Vera Essa   SEQUOIA 
30 F3131
HODSON, John Thomas MERRIAM, Emma Augusta 5 Feb 1878 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
31 F10753
HOLBROOK, Henry W BUCK, Katherine L 18 Jun 1901 Palmer, Hampden Co, Massachusetts, United States  SEQUOIA 
32 F10748
HOLBROOK, Joseph Field MERRIAM, Caroline Jane 5 Dec 1865 Palmer, Hampden Co, Massachusetts, United States  SEQUOIA 
33 F3134
JARDIN, Charles Edwin GALLINGER, Josephine Jennie May 24 Jun 1912 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
34 F3133
JARDIN, Frank MERRIAM, Ida Jane 30 Jun 1884 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
35 F3135
JARDIN, Frank Harris ABBEY, Harriet Victoria 28 Jun 1911 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
36 F3183
JARDIN, Lyman Merriam JAMESON, Martha Lester 26 Jun 1923 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
37 F3137
LING, Charles Edward RICHARDS, Miriam   SEQUOIA 
38 F3146
LING, George Merriam LING, Ida ? (Wife Of George Merriam)   SEQUOIA 
39 F3136
LING, William David MERRIAM, Minnie Augusta 19 Dec 1887  SEQUOIA 
40 F3122
MERRIAM, Charles HARRIS, Merinda 16 Apr 1833 , Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
41 F3124
MERRIAM, Charles Ashley DOOLITTLE, Jane 18 Mar 1861 Hillier, Prince Edward Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
42 F3157
MERRIAM, Charles Henry REIDY, Bertha 15 Jun 1903 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
43 F3179
MERRIAM, Charles Henry THOMPSON, Alice May 27 Oct 1915 Hamilton, Wentworth Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
44 F3123
MERRIAM, George Harris COOKE, Sarah Ann 15 Apr 1869 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
45 F3159
MERRIAM, George Harris CRAIG, Nellie Lorena 23 Nov 1904 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
46 F3125
MERRIAM, James Benson BOYLE, Essie Adelaide Abt 1869 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
47 F3188
MERRIAM, John BACON, Mary 1 Jul 1784 Barre, Worcester Co, Massachusetts, United States  SEQUOIA 
48 F3153
MERRIAM, John ASHLEY, Gratia Bef 1801  SEQUOIA 
49 F3192
MERRIAM, John H MERRIAM, Hannah ? (Wife of John H)   SEQUOIA 
50 F10740
MERRIAM, Jonas H ADAMS, Mary Crane Abt 1805  SEQUOIA 
51 F10741
MERRIAM, Jonas H WARTING, Caroline 1820 Cambria, Niagara Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
52 F10742
53 F3186
MERRIAM, Deacon Symms Ashley STONE, Artemitia 23 May 1839 Adams, Jefferson Co, New York, United States  SEQUOIA 
54 F3193
55 F19123
MERRIAM, William MERRIAM, Almina ? (Wife of William)   SEQUOIA 
56 F3158
MERRIAM, William MERRIAM, Pauline ? (Wife Of William)   SEQUOIA 
57 F10656
MERRIAM, William WHITCOMB, Frances Jane 20 Sep 1846 Swanzey, Cheshire Co, New Hampshire, United States  SEQUOIA 
58 F19024
MERRIAM, William H GRAHAM, Josephine 28 Aug 1878 Terre Haute, Henderson Co, Illinois, United States  SEQUOIA 
59 F3128
MERRIAM, William John MERRIAM, Catherine? (Wife Of William )   SEQUOIA 
60 F3149
PARKER, George Henry ADARE, Amy Jane 22 Apr 1924 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
61 F3140
POWERS, Carl E DUNLOP, Edna May 14 Nov 1925 Detroit, Wayne Co, Michigan, United States  SEQUOIA 
62 F3129
QUINCEY, Benjamin Robinson MERRIAM, Belvia Anne 27 Sep 1870 Belleville, Hastings Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
63 F3148
RICHARDS, Garnet Roy ADARE, Fanny Lenore 24 Jul 1926 Toronto, York Co/Metro Toronto , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
64 F3130
ROUTLEY, Given Name ? (Husband Of Minnie Quincy) QUINCEY, Minnie   SEQUOIA 
65 F3185
SCHRAM, James C MERRIAM, Laura Mercia Abt 1836  SEQUOIA 
66 F3168
SHAW, Allen Choate MERRIAM, Bessie Wilson 26 Dec 1900 Oakville, , Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
67 F3171
WALDRON, Walter CLARKE, Gertrude Elizabeth   SEQUOIA 
68 F3127
WASHBURN, Robert Aaron MERRIAM, Alice Adelaide 22 Jul 1922 Hastings, Northumberland Co, Ontario, Canada  SEQUOIA 
69 F19026
WEBB, Thomas Edgar MERRIAM, Fanny M 5 Dec 1875 Abingdon, Knox Co, Illinois, United States  SEQUOIA