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Chairman of the Board, MGA Tech., Inc., Chicago 
MERRIAM, Robert Edward (I8848)
Commission on Crime 
MERRIAM, Robert Edward (I8848)
Democracy in Action 
MERRIAM, Robert Edward (I8848)
Died in a fire at the Iriqouis Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, December 30, 1903, where over 600 people lost their lives. 
GUTHRIE, Fannie S (I13968)
Member of the Chico City Council (1947).
Twice elected MAYOR of the city of Chico, California. 
MERIAM, Theodore (I9119)
President, Encyclopedia Brittanica Educational Corp. Resigned 1970. 
EVEROTE, Warren Peter (I9178)
President, Spaceonics, Inc.
President, University Patents Inc. of Illinois 
MERRIAM, Robert Edward (I8848)
MERRIAM, John Hunt I (I5416)
Birth, death and parent names incorrectly recorded 
LENNOX, Bertha Temple (I87902)
Death record shows birth date and birth place. 
SILLOWAY, Hannah A (I92272)
11 See page 48 in Pope book for complete text of will. MERRIAM, Joseph (I4427)
12 - Or Colborne THROOP, John (I259)
13 - Wood working machinery. MERRIAM, Rufus Nichols (I5616)
14 Gank MERRIAM, David Edwin (I5686)
15 grain MARSHALL, Dwight Lawton (I14025)
16 Japan HILL, Arthur Thompson (I14000)
17 Royal Canadian Navy MERRIAM, Karl Clifton (I15462)
18 See The MERIAMS - by Kay Ogilvie Meriam in Warren Lotteridge Meriam notes MERIAM, John Lottridge (I7527)
19 USA MERRIAM, Rev Matthew (I5248)
20 Wedding ceremony officiated by Mr. Stiels. Family F1799
21 "...a good, true Christian man." HOAGLAND, Edgar M (I9466)
22 "...mustered in May 10, 1898; encamped at Lakeland and Tampa Heights, Florida; in Cuba with the army of invasion. At Battle of Guasimas and in battles of July 1, 2, and 3. Went with his battalion (the 3rd, Major Keck) up San Juan Hill into the block house, where he was on guard for the night with his company. At the bombardment of Santiago de Cuba July 10 and 11 and the siege and final surrender of the city July 17, 1898. Also, during the terrible days in the "death camps" along the San Juan hills, Cuba, and at Montauk, New York. Mustered out November 18, 1898." MERRIAM, Harold Alvord (I60463)
23 "A sketch of his life, with portrait, appears in "The Manufactures and Manufactories of New England:. He was a deacon of the Pilgrim Congregational Church, and a valuable member of the community" MERRIAM, John Newton (I5717)
24 "A.B. Dart. Col. 1858; Union Theol. Sem. 1860; Cong. minister at Stoddard, Goffstown, and Holis, New Hampshire, more than 20 years at last-named place. Served in 14th N.H. Vol. Inf. in the Civil War; was long secretary of State Association of Churches, and widely honored and beloved. Died after great suffering" GEROULD, Samuel L (I14416)
25 "After a training in Framingham public schools and Dean Academy, he spent a year in Colorado, hunting, prospecting and mining. Was seven years with the Cordaville Woolen Co. After a brief experience in another business he went in 1882 to take charge of the Rockfall Woolen Company's buusiness at Middletown, Ct., where he still remains. Is also connected with other manufacturing companies" WILLSON, Abbie Frances (I14600)
26 "Amh. Coll. 1858; teacher, Union Theological Seminary 1860-1863; ordained Presbyterian Minister at Salem, Pennsylvania 3 Aug 1864; died there unmarried" MERRIAM, Edwin Elisha (I14367)
27 "At half after four of the clock in the afternoon" HOLDEN, Abigail (I12290)
28 "Became a teacher in Freedmen's Schools in North Carolina during the war, and afterward in Georgia. Resided Columbus, Georgia" MERRIAM, Anna Parker (I14244)
29 "Before going to college she (Florence Augusta Merriam) began work on birds with her brother, Dr. C. Hart Merriam, and when in college helped organize one of the first Audubon Societies of the country, with field classes for bird study." Became a publisher of periodicals and books. See Merriam Genealogy in England and America, page 322, for more information. MERRIAM, Florence Augusta (I6428)
30 "Clara Ida Grochofske was born near Williamford, Ontario, south of Chatsworth, Ontario. She and her sister's (but not her brother's) name was changed during World War I because their father spoke German with a German accent and neighbours believed he was German. He was Polish from western Poland, near Poznan where German was spoken. Clara's name was changed to Crosby." ...Paul Merriam CROSBY, Clara Ida Grochofske (I2315)
31 "died early" MERRIAM, Amelia A (I14545)
32 "Ebenezer Merriam and Rev. James Nichols, both of Farmington (the part which is New Bristol), were each arrested and accused of High Treason against the State of Connecticut at the adjourned time of the Surperior Court (Hartford, Jan 1777). Both were accused of persuading one Robert Jerome to join the British Army. But in each case the grand jury failed to find a true violation of law and they went free." MERRIAM, Ebenezer (I5245)
33 "Eleanor Merriam Lukits became an accomplished artist." MERRIAM, Eleanor Merriam (I16200)
34 "Eliza Elizabeth Merriam sold land that had descended from her grandmother and uncle Josephus Merriam, in 1829.

Pope Book, page 115 (137). 
MERRIAM, Eliza Elizabeth (I11425)
35 "Enlisted in the 15th Massachusetts Battery and died in service" MERRIAM, John Wells (I14325)
36 "Grad. Dartmouth College 1877; Andover Theological Seminary, 1880; ordained May 19, 1881; pastor Presbyterian church at North Platte, Neb.; Congregational Cchurch, Harford, Pa; 1882. Later, pastor at Port Dickinson, Broome County, New York" MERRIAM, John (I5730)
37 "Graduated at Dartmouth College in 1881, LL.B. at Columbia College, 1885; entered upon the practice of law in New York City." MERRIAM, Joseph Francis (I5731)
38 "Had been a school-teacher, and had shown much interest and ability in the care of the sick" MOOSE, Mary Margaret (I14300)
39 "Harry" Merriam was born near Markdale, Ontario, Canada, but spent most of his life in Meaford, Ontario. He was employed by McLagan's Furniture Factory until it closed and he retired.

Harry and Edna celebrated their 50 wedding anniversay in April 1965.

Harry was always interested in sports, especially fishing. He was a member of Christ Church Anglican.

Obituary of Henry Albert (Harry) Merriam:


Meaford- Harry Merriam died at the Meaford General Hospital on Saturday at age 75. He had been in failing health for some time.

Mr. Merriam was born near Markdale, but spent spent most of his life in Meaford. He spent many yaers in the furniture manufacturing business. He was employed at McLagan's furniture until it closed and he retired.

Mr Merriam married the former Edna Fothergill, who survives. Mr and Mrs Merriam celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in April 1965. They were married in Meaford on April 7, 1915. He has always been interested in sports, especially fishing. He was a member of Christ Church, Anglican. Surviving, besides his wife, are one daughter Marjorie, Mrs Keith Bumstead of Meaford, four grandchildren and one great grandchild. He is predeceased by one daughter, Irene (Mrs. Ronald Gibson). Dated July 1966

In Edna's obituary, following their marriage they lived in Meaford before going to Western Canada to reside for a few years. They returned to this area and came back to Meaford.

Notes compiled by: Kit Cutting 
MERRIAM, Henry Albert (I1394)
40 "Harv. Univ. A.B., 1897, removed to Framingham" LADD, Alexander Haven Sr (I14587)
41 "He died on March 26, 1915 of Ludwig's angina and septicemia. He had been helping Herbert, his father, run Cherry Brook Farm in Weston, where I assume he is buried."

Marsha Merriam Gee 
MERRIAM, Charles 1st (I6027)
42 "He engaged in iron manufacture at Oswego, NY in connection with Mr. Ames. Was a successful man. He removed to New York City, but continued in the business as his sons have done" MERRIAM, Isaac Lewis (I5711)
43 "He engaged in mercantile pursuits some years; has been more recently treasurer of several large railroad corporations, residing in Boston" MERRIAM, Charles Jr (I5739)
44 "He enlisted as an electrician in U.S. Navy at the opening of the Spanish-American War; served 3 years; was promoted to be chief electrician of his section. Re-enlisted at Washington, D.C., and served 4 years in the Philippines and the Orient." ...also served at San Francisco. MERRIAM, Percy Arlington (I60250)
45 "He fitted for colledge at Pinkerton Academy, Derry, N.H., took one year at Dartmouth (1868-9), but was obliged to leave on account of ill health. Was a druggist's clerk at Washington D.C., and Boston, Mass.; went into the produce business in Chicago, Ill., in 1871; in grain trade at North Bend, Neb. 1873-6; then went to Omaha, Neb. There he formed a partnership with P.C. Himebaugh and built a terminal elevator, building a line of forty-five country elevators as feeders. He sold in1893, and resided in Chicago, Ill., two years being a member of the Board of Trade and an exporter of Grain. Returning to Omaha, Neb., he resumed the grain business, buying one, and building another elevator.
Is president of the Merriam and Holmquist Company, a director in the Grain Exchange, which he helped to establish. He and his wife are members of the first Presbyterian Church. 
MERRIAM, Nathan (I5728)
46 "He fitted for college at Merrimack and New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and took parts of the course at Amherst and Dartmouth Colleges; left the latter in 1861 on account of ill health. Studied medicine and graduated at Dartmouth Medical School in 1864. Was medical cadet in United States army in 1862 at Columbian Hospital, Washington, D.C.; commissioned surgeon of 40th Massachusetts Voluntary Infantry May 6, 1864; was in the field in some severe battles, Drury's Bluff, Bermuda Hundred, Cold Harbor, and Petersburg. Assistant surgeon at the United States Army Hospital in Washington until 1866. Afterward resided there in general practice." MERRIAM, Ephraim Carlos (I5726)
47 "He has been a merchant, postmaster, president of the School Board at Hopkinton, Ia" MERRIAM, Charles Edward (I5725)
48 "He has resided at Framingham on the old place. He served in the 44th Mass. Vol. Infantry in the Civil War." MERRIAM, Joseph Albert (I5736)
49 "He is cashier and paymaster of the Pepperell Mill of the champion-International Company, manufacturers of pulp and paper" MERRIAM, Marshall (I5727)
50 "He learned the carpenter's trade; settled in Lawrence; became a master builder, and erected many large and fine buildings; acquired a good property. One of the early settlers in Lawrence, a man "whose word was as good as his bond," he enjoyed the respect of the community to a high degree." MERRIAM, Thatcher (I5474)
51 "He lived on a farm near Toledo, Ohio for 17years; enlisted Sept 16, 1861, in the 1st Battalion, 18th U.S. Infantry, and served till honorable discharge Sept. 16, 1864. His regiment served till honorable discharge Sept. 16, 1864. His regiment was in the 14th Army Corps, Gen. Geo. H. Thomas, and participated in engagements at Nashville, Murfreesboro, Chickamauga, Kenesaw Mt., Corinth, and other eventful battles. Removed to Urbana, Ohio in 1887, where he is in real estate business." MERRIAM, William Huffman (I5735)
52 "He lived on the farm with his father many years; then removed to Worcester in April 1853, where he entered into the real estate business, and found better educational opportuniites for his children." MERRIAM, Charles (I5684)
53 "He resided at Chelmsford. He died Sept 13, 1863, age 41 years, 5 months, 3 days. Administration of his estate granted Oct 13 following to the widow. After the death of their grandfather in 1875, the daughters brought suit to prevent the admission of an alleged will of Darius" MERRIAM, Darius Gregory (I5733)
54 "He resided on the old homesead; was a captain in the militia;
director of the New Ipswich National Bank. He died at the home of his son Samuel at Little Falls, New York. Buried at Manchester, New Hampshire" 
MERRIAM, Moses (I5709)
55 "He resided several years at Randolph..." (Pope) MERRIAM, Noah Kimball (I5688)
56 "He was a clerk in the freight department of the Boston and Worcester R.R. some time; then went to Leicester and became a teller, and afterward cashier of the Leicester Bank" MERRIAM, David Edwin (I5686)
57 "He was a farmer in Michigan and enlisted in the Union army in the War of the Rebellion. He removed to McMinnville, Tennessee" MERRIAM, Charles Wiley (I5701)
58 "He was a merchant, part of the time a travelling salesman. Resided at Lowell, then some time in Brimfield; later in Lowell, where he died Nov 17, 1857" MERRIAM, Joseph Franklin (I5715)
59 "He was a non-commissioned officer of Co. H, 44th Mass. Vol. Inf., in the War of the Rebellion. He has resided at Weston many years, having a large stock farm." MERRIAM, Herbert Sr (I5741)
60 "He was cremated and my father, Kimbrough Brown, Charles Adrian Brown's son, scattered his ashes over the farm in Stilesville, Indiana." BROWN, Charles Adrian (I60747)
61 "He was educated at Medford Academy. Went in 1836 to Brunswick, Ga., into the canal and R.R. office. Was a commission merchant. Removed to Savannah, Ga. An onlychild died in infancy" MERRIAM, Abiel Hayward (I5699)
62 "He was educated at Woburn Academy; taught navigation, bookkeeping and penmanship. Became a practical chemist and manufactured "Chemical Olive Soap:", "Oil of Bark", etc.; took out patents and received medals from institutes and societies; resided at New Bedford and Providence, RI" MERRIAM, Tarrant Putnam Jr (I5697)
63 "He was educated in Pris; fitted for college at Columbia College Grammar School; graduated at College Bourbon in 1847, as mechanical engineer. Was with the Amoskeag Manufacturing Co. of Manchester, N.H., building engines. Editor of Granite State Farmer at one time; of the American Engineer 1858-1860. Was first lieutenant and quartermaster in the 53d N.Y. Volunteer Infantry, september 1861; later engineer-in-chief of the Department of North Carolinea, and afterward in Gen. Banks's command in Texas, till about the close of the war. He was in 1868 superintendent of Metallic Art Works in Boston. Spent from 1873 to 1880 in Italy" MERRIAM, John Clark (I5744)
64 "He was educated in the grammar and high schools of Framingham; went from the latter at once to a position in Geo P. Metcalf & Co.'s hat factory, and a year later became bookkeeper for Friedman Brothers, of Boston, boot and shoe jobbers. On the death of his father in 1888 he succeeded him as treasurer of the Cordaville Wollen Co. and is still in that position. He is also treasurer of the Framingham Box Co., president of the Manson Building Co., and one of the directors of the National Bank, also of Framingham; has been chairman of the board of selectmen. Resides in South Framingham" MERRIAM, Bernard Francis (I5746)
65 "He was graduated at Western Reserve College in 1848; was for five years principal of Shaw Academy, Cleveland, Ohio. Went into business in Cleveland, being senior partner of the firm of The Merriam & Morgan Parafine Company, competing with the Standard Oil Company in some of its lines. Was very successful. Was an active church-member and strong helper of the Young Men's Christian Association, some time its president and instrumental in the erection of its fine building; gave at one time $10,000 to its work. Died of apoplexy." MERIAM, Joseph Bidwell (I5691)
66 "He was graduated from Harvard University in the class of 1886, and received the degree of AM. in 1888. Hon. George F. Hoar, LL.D., U.S. Senator, selected him for private secretary, which position he filled acceptably. He studied law and is in practice in Boston, residing at South Framingham. Has served on important commissions and boards in Massachusetts, and filled offices of trust in the town of Framingham. Has done most disinterested and capable work as secretary and treasurer of the committee for the preparation and publication of this genealogy" MERRIAM, John Mckinstry (I5747)
67 "In business as a dealer in investment securities..." MERRIAM, James Fiske (I6029)
68 "Levi attended the grammar school and high school in Lowell until the age of fifteen, when he began his business life with a china and glass dealer in Lowell, and from that time on he was never an expense to his father. He was an honest, straight-forward and energetic lad, and soon became chief assistant to his employer; remained with him until he retired from business and then entered the service of J.C. Ayer, of Lowell, for whom he travelled all over the United States several times, making contracts with the newspapers for advertisements.
In September, 1888, Mr. Merriam contracted a severe chill while watching the construction of the cottages at Brantham. In October, he sufffciently recovered to go, accompanied by his wife and daughter, to Nervi in Italy. Here, however, complications ensued, and he became seriously ill, so that early in December his son in London was telegraphed for. On his arrival a family council was held, and as Mr. Merriam wished strongly to go home, it was decided to make the attempt in spite of the doctor's advice. The journey was successful. Mr. Merriam reached home, if anything, better than when he left Italy, but nevertheless, his time had come, and about two weeks later, on the second of January, 1889, he passed away very peacefully in the presence of his loved ones." 
MERRIAM, Levi Parsons (I5716)
69 "Mr. Best was the first to reduce the local language in writing" BEST, Jacob (I14530)
70 "Now I can only tell little things of Grandma Huldah Botsford but she read the Bible through each time she nursed her babies, reading it out loud. She was so anxious for their religious welfare she spent much time in prayer. And many times she would leave her work and go across the lot to Aunt Betsey to have a word of prayer with her in regard to their children. We have beautiful letters she wrote in 1820...... During her last sickness all her anxiety was that her children might become useful Christian men and women of which there were six at that time."

Excerpt from a letter fron Annie Pierce Haviland to her son. 
MERRIAM, Huldah (I11743)
71 "PERREGRINE MAITLAND GROVER - Notes compiled by: Kit Cutting

Perregrine Maitland Grover - generally known to his many friends and associates simply as "P.M." - was born in Grafton, Ontario, CANADA, a small community in the southern part of Northumberland County, in 1817. He was a son of John Grover, a Major in the Militia, and Marry Merriam, both of whom were of staunch U.E. Loyalist families and had come to Canada from the town of Grafton in the state of Massachussetts, U.S.A., and settled in the newly formed township.

During his early manhood, P.M. moved about a great deal in the new country, gaining a knowledge of the people and conditions that was to become of vast importance to him in later years. About 1842, he settled in the young town of Peterborough where he entered into partnership with James Foley, who, a short time later, became his brother-in-law. The firm of Grover & Foley, originally a real "general" store, included a lumber yard, a similar branch of the business in the hamlet of Keene, as well as the small store of James Foley, located in Norwood, which had been opened in 1837.

In 1846, Mr. Grover married Harriet Maria Keeler, a daughter of the original founder of our fair village. Shortly thereafter, the Keeler and Grover interests were united and the firm of Grover & Foley was dissolved, both men finding it necessary to return to Norwood where a rapidly expanding community demanded their full attention. Soon after merging of the Keeler - Grover interests, systematic planning and surveying was undertaken for the establishment of the village, which did not fully materialize for many years thereafter.

Mr. Grover was a man of many talents and widely diversified interests, all of them pertaining to the advancement and welfare of his chosen community. About 1850, he built "Balsam Farm Home" amid the rolling acres which were under his control and management. The home is still standing and, although showing the ravages of time and the relentless elements, is today a beautiful spot on the northeasterly side of Mill Street. It was here too, that the family were born and reared.

In 1860, P.M. was elected as Reeve of the Township of Asphodel and served in that capacity until the end of 1866, and in the election of Warden of the County early in 1867, he was elected to that position, which he also held for the succeeding year. In 1867, Mr. Grover entered into the political field as a Conservative candidate for Federal honours and defeated his opponent, James Anderson, by a vote of 956 to 644, thus becoming the representative of this area in the First Parliament of Canada after Confederation. He was re-elected to the second Parliament in 1872, defeating his opponent, Evans Ingraham of Otonabee, by a majority of 48 votes. Those two victories are a plain indication of the esteem in which he was held, together with his personal interest in local affairs. His manifesto to the electors prior to the second election is concrete evidence that he was a statesman rather than an ordinary politician, catering to his constituents alone.

Notes for Perregrine Maitland GROVER: The biographical sketch is taken from "The Friendly Town 1821 - 1963" by R.A. Dean, a Centennial Project (1967) of the Village of Norwood, p. 172-175: 
GROVER, Peregrine Maitland (I3128)
72 "SAMUEL MERRIAM was an early settler and a miller at the North Mills, or "Merriam's Mills", as they were called; he operated the mills and also had charge of BARRETT'S distillery at that point; he lived on Cottage Street and died there in 1867" MERRIAM, Samuel (I5424)
73 "She organized with others the Randolph Ladies' Domestic Association; taught pencil drawing and singing classes, and also taught a class in the Sunday School" ADAMS, Sarah (I8871)
74 "Ted" Merriam was from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, a cow buster and a rough rider. He rode in many stampede shows held in Cochin and sundry villages.

Note by: Kit Cutting 
MERRIAM, Edward James (I2672)
75 "TUDELEY, where the family was found in 1598, and where Joseph resided at the time of his father's death, is a little hamlet close by the town of Tonbridge and only a short distance from the famous watering-place of Tunbridge Wells; indeed, the medicinal waters come out through the rocks here as they do at the celebrated town..." MERRIAM, William (I4381)
76 "We learn that "one of the daughters married, Oct. 5, 1880, Harry W. Hobson, druggist, of Willard, Ont." (Pope book). Family F1475
77 "Went in 1860 and again in 1887 to the West Coast of Africa as a missionary, and barely escaped with her life. Wrote after her return "Home Life in Africa", whose profits went toward educating a native for the ministry. Was afterwards educated in bibliography by Dr. Ezra Abbott of Harvard College Library; prepared the well-known Quincy catalogue, the Prince catalogue, and those of the Minnesota History Society, Middlebury college; and others. Later she has done much work in home and city missions. Has been gathering information about the Merriam family for a long time, and has most liberally placed all her valuable collection at the service of the editor of this work." (C.H. Pope) MERRIAM, Mary Bates (I14318)
78 "When the alarm was given in Concord that the British soldiers were coming, Josiah Meriam, with his sons Josiah, Jr., and Timothy, went to the village, and were later among the forces at the North Bridge, and probably crossed the meadows and appeared again at the encounter near the house. Joseph, Josiah's youngest son, then seven years old, remained at home, as he always said, 'to take care of the women', and soon went with them to a place of refuge behind the hill. The British soldiers entered the house, helped themselves to whatever breakfast they could find, taking the unbaked pies from the oven..." MERRIAM, Josiah (I5236)
79 # 115 in Wheeler genealogy WHEELER, Noah (I4776)
80 # 216 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, Cyrus (I80250)
81 # 45 in Wheeler genealogy WHEELER, Francis (I9407)
82 # 547 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, William (I80427)
83 # 575 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, George Francis (I80651)
84 #202 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, Ephraim (I80638)
85 #23 in Wheeler genealogy. WHEELER, Deacon Edward (I4770)
86 #374 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, Ephraim (I80640)
87 #376 in Wheeler Genealogy WHEELER, Sally or Sarah (I80764)
88 #555 in Wheeler Genealogy  WHEELER, Richard Rice (I80498)
89 (1) Chester Merriam from the USA and Mrs Merriam, formerly Deborah Salis from England, lived in Dalroy District from 1910 to 1940, when they moved to Calgary, Alberta. Mr Merriam did not farm as he was always in poor health. At first they lived at the northeast corner 1/4, 34/24, but later moved to the house on Homer Owens' land, northwest 1/3, 34/24. Their children, who attended Albertson School, were Elsie ( Mrs Robert McNeil) and Albert, Lawrence, Wilfred, Edward and Douglas.

(2) Was a market gardener in Meota, Alberta (? check with Kit Cutting - reference to Deborah?)

SOURCE: Saddles, Sleighs and Sadirons Publication Information Chestermere Historical Society Chestermere, Alberta - 1971, page 190

Notes compiled by: Kit Cutting 
MERRIAM, Chester Leo (I1729)
90 (a founder of) IVES, Captain John (I11477)
91 (Called UPPER CANADA at time of birth) SPARROW, Margaret (I1211)
92 (for the railroad). PUGSLEY, Frederick Locksley (I15083)
93 (Research):Please note: Further research is needed on this line because the Pope book does not go down to the line of Mr. William Sumner Appleton, it only makes reference to his being the grandchild of Mary Adams and Isaac Appleton (Pope book, page 57). APPLETON, Isaac (I4498)

Cramahe was incorporated as a township in 1850. In 1858, the village of COLBORNE seceded from the municipality as a separate township. In 2001, the two municipalities were re-amalgamated to form an expanded Township of Cramahe. (SOURCE: Wikipedia on Internet) 
STEELE, Richard Clarke (I4171)
95 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, George Edward Grover (I141)
96 (UPPER CANADA) SMITH, Margaret (I144)
97 (UPPER CANADA) TWEED, Diantha Ann (I401)
98 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, Mary Ann Maria (I951)
99 (UPPER CANADA) ALLEN, Clarissa (I1168)
100 (UPPER CANADA) MILLER, Francis Lydia Bowes (I1169)
101 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, Norris (I1197)
102 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, Norman (I1198)
103 (UPPER CANADA) SPALDING, Thomas Major (I1290)
104 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, Susannah (I1348)
105 (UPPER CANADA) MERRIAM, Sarah (I1358)
106 (UPPER CANADA) GROVER, Tryphena (I3142)
107 (UPPER CANADA) GROVER, Levi (I3149)
108 (UPPER CANADA) GROVER, Benjamin (I3273)
109 (UPPER CANADA) GROVER, Benjamin (I3273)
110 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Ellen Traill (I3277)
111 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Mary (I3279)
112 (UPPER CANADA) VARCOE, William James (I3330)
113 (UPPER CANADA) SPALDING, Mary Grover (I4169)
114 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Joseph William (I4232)
115 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Joseph William (I4232)
116 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Edmund Samuel Payne (I4234)
117 (UPPER CANADA) RUBIDGE, Edmund Samuel Payne (I4234)
118 (was East Thomaston) MERRIAM, Horace (I5473)
119 (was Sutton) LOVELL, Eunice (I5029)
120 10th regiment, in battle of Petersburg 1865, Discharged July 1865. Expiration of Regts service COMINS, Francis M (I8969)
121 11th Iowa Volunteer Infantry KAUFFMAN, John W (I13129)
122 13 Cootes, Archibald Labourer Ireland O. Presbyterian 45 M 14 Cootes, Eliza Ireland O. Presbyterian 43 F 15 Cootes, Wm. Canada O. Presbyterian 16 M 16 Coste, Charles Canada O. Presbyterian 15 M 17 Coste, Alexander Canada O. Presbyterian 13 M 18 Coste, Rebecca Canada O. Presbyterian 10 F 19 Coste, Sally Anne Canada O. Presbyterian 7 F 20 Coste, Ellen Margaret Canada O. Presbyterian 5 F Home / 1852 / Canada West / Halton (county) / 117 Trafalgar township / p. 7d, 8a, (15) COOKE, Archibald (I8904)
123 1832 Probably error in book as would have made him 17 at time of marriage ...MFT MERRIAM, Joseph Augustus (I5689)
124 1846 Came To Canada ROBINSON, ursula (I7515)
125 1852 & 1861 census Canada, 1870 & 1880 Census for Ohio has birth place Canada MERRIAM, Joseph H (I4340)
126 1855 as per Pope MERRIAM, Nellie Gertrude (I50150)
127 1900 US Census shows Sep 1881 as birth.
REYNOLDS, Alice (I92378)
128 1930 Census shows wife's marital status as widowed. PHILLIPS, Elmer (I77477)
129 1930 US Census shows husband's martial status as Widowed ADAMS, Emma Josephine (I87748)
130 1940 Census shows marital status as divorced MERRIAM, Jessie Lucretia (I61553)
131 1940 US Census shows Helen living with her unmarried sisters Kathryn and Anna CANNON. CANNON, Helen L (I79519)
132 1940 US Census shows wife's marital status as widowed. ADAMS, Charles or Chester Bardwell (I87752)
133 22 Mar 1861 is the date of his father's death. Pope book states: "It is believed Amos died unmarried before his father." MERRIAM, Amos (I4509)
134 27 Nov 1635 was the date the will was proved according to the Pope book. MERRIAM, William (I4381)
135 2nd Lieutenant, Navy in World War II, Bureau of Ordnance, assigned to secret photograpahy throughout the nation. Lieutenant Commander in Naval Reserve Aviation Company. EVEROTE, Warren Peter (I9178)
136 2nd Presbyterian Church PRESTON, Lucia Dexter (I13163)
137 4 March 1889 per Free Family Bible (see sources) FREE, John (I342)
138 9 Alvarado Ave
Worcester, Worcester Co, Massachusetts, United States 
MERRIAM, Amanda (I13892)
139 For source material on CK Merriam, click Here for History of the Pacific Northwest, Oregon and Washington, by Elwood Evans 1889 MERRIAM, Cyrus Knapp (I5940)
140 A Biographical Sketch of Dr. Royal A Merriam from The Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical Society, Vol. I, 1895, Topsfield, Massachusetts  MERRIAM, Royal Augustus (I5671)
141 A short biography of Everett Brooks Merriam from "Kansas: a Cyclopedia of State History, etc...Part I Standard Publishing Co., Chicago, 1912  MERRIAM, Everett Brooks (I6011)
142 Click here for Transcript from History Detectives series regarding S.D. Merriam's gift of a war club to President Theodore Roosevelt MERRIAM, Samuel David (I940)
143 Click Here for Click here for more information on the Mix family in the Gazeteer of Jafferson Count, NY MERRIAM, Eleanor (I4862)
144 Click Here for Click here for more information on the Mix family in the Gazeteer of Jafferson Count, NY MILLER, David (I9807)
145 Click here for more information on the Mix family in the Gazeteer of Jefferson Count, NY MERRIAM, Hannah (I4882)
146 Click here for more information on the Mix family in the Gazetteer of Jefferson County, NY MIX, Joel (I9808)
147 Homer Merriam's account of his early life in West Brookfield Homer Merriam was the youngest brother of George and Charles Merriam, founder of G & C Merriam Co. of Springfield, publisher of the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Special thanks to Tom Kelleher, Curator of the Old Sturbidge Village Research Library. MERRIAM, Homer (I5755)
148 Born in the section of Yarmouth once know as Yarmouthville.
WILLIAMS, Roger L Sr (I74646)
149 May be her burial date RICE, Minerva (I12837)
150 MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded Isaac's death date and marital status. Several sources show he was married. His date of death is shown as 1934 on his gravestone in the Hillside Cemetery, Auburn, Massachusetts.
MERRIAM, Isaac Stone (I13736)
151 MFT now believes Maria was not the daughter of Ephraim Merriam and Mary Brooks. Birth records show she was born 30 May 1809 in Concord, MA the daughter of William Swan and Mary (Brooks) Merriam who married William after the death of Ephraim Merriam. Her birth name was Maria Merriam Swan. She married Darius J Hatch in Concord, MA 27 May 1845. RD Merriam 11/2018.  MERRIAM, Maria (I11647)
152 MFT now believes Pope incorrectly recorded this person as the daughter of Daniel Merriam, I5359. Records show she was really Emily Edna ROBINSON, I13208, born in Surry, NH 17 Mar 1818 to Samuel and Nancy (Harvey) Robinson. She married Daniel Merriam, I5540, 11 Sep 1840 in Walpole, NH. MERRIAM, Emily E (I11958)
153 Most likely Littleton, MA MERRIAM, Mary (I4950)
154 No records have been located to prove this Albert Merriam ever existed. MERRIAM, Albert (I11957)
155 Note: Anyone having information regarding the parents of Joseph Merriam are asked to please contact us at MERRIAM, Joseph (I77222)
156 NOTE: Deborah Merriam Peckham suggests this person may be the same one as MERRIAM, Robertina A (I15649). Her family records show there never was an Eliza in this family. MERRIAM, Eliza (I10266)
157 Note: Elizabeth City County, Virginia was merged into the independent city of Hampton, VA in 1952.  HIGGINS, Warren Herbert Sr (I74725)
158 Note: In spite of the apparent date conflicts, MFT believes this person is the same person as William Holmes MERRIAM (I13387). Massachusetts Vital Records show only one person by that name having been born the Abel MERRIAM and Betsey. Suspect Pope double recorded the same person due to the different dates.  MERRIAM, William Holmes 2nd (I13388)
159 NOTE: MFT suspects this date was confused with the birth date of Lavina MERRIAM, (I62170). WATTS, Elizabeth G (I62171)
160 NOTE: Pope incorrectly recorded the marriage location of Heman and Triphena. Family F2107
161 NOTE: Records indicate he was born David Service the son of John and Margaret Service. John was born in Scotland and Margaret was born in Quebec, Canada. Why David was living with and adopted by Charles and Eleanor Merriam is not know.  MERRIAM, David (I75481)
162 The history of Walpole, NH shows that Daniel's parents moved to Walpole from Littleton, MA in November 1782. Based on that, MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded Daniel's birth as being in Walpole rather than Littleton, MA. MERRIAM, Daniel (I5359)
163 The history of Walpole, NH shows that John's parents moved there from Littleton, MA in November 1782. Based on that, MFT believes John was born in Littleton, Ma rather than Walpole, NN as recorded by Pope. MERRIAM, John (I5357)
164 The history of Walpole, NH shows that Richard's parents moved there from Littleton, MA in November 1782. Based on that, MFT believes Richard was born in Littleton, MA rather than Walpole as recorded by Pope. MERRIAM, Richard (I5358)
165 The history of Walpole, NH states Lydia was born in Lexington, MA., however, in that her parents lived in Littleton, MA until November 1782 when they moved to Walpole, NH MFT believes she was probably born in Littleton, MA.  MERRIAM, Lydia (I4949)
166 NOTE: Kit Cutting, along with Bill Parker and Don Boyle, have searched for many years the town records of Massachusetts to connect this John MERRIAM to his parents with no luck. If anyone finds any information, please be certain to contact Merriam Family Tree. MERRIAM, John (I8953)
167 NOTE: This branch of MERRIAMs resulted from a name change and is not descended from the MERRIAMs of Concord, Massachusetts.

Two brothers (who were third great grandsons of John MARION, born in 1620 in England) changed their names to MERRIAM. These brothers were Joseph and William, four generations down from John Marion, as follows:

John Marion
Samuel Marion
Isaac Marion
Ignatius Marion
Joseph & William MERRIAM

Since the descendants of this branch, beginning with Joseph and William, are indeed named MERRIAM, we are pleased to be able to include them in Merriam Family Tree.

See History of Ashburnam, Massachusetts
WARNING: Do not add descendants to this family with the last name MARION - only descendants whose names were changed to MERRIAM are being tracked by this branch. 
MARION, John (I61329)
168 NOTE: We are looking for information that leads us to the parents of this Isaac MERIAM. If anyone has this information, please contact us at MERIAM, Isaac (I61472)
169 NOTE: Although Samuel Milo MERRIAM was not recorded by the Pope book, the available birth records indicate he was the son of Samuel Merriam and Lucy Wheeler.  MERRIAM, Samuel Milo (I73693)
170 Note: Based on currently available records, marriage, census, etc. MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded the William Merriam who married Alice Haggart. MFT believes it was William Foster MERRIAM (I75547) not William MERRIAM (I6064) MERRIAM, William Foster (I75547)
171 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MATIS, Christopher Albert Melvin (I63724)
172 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MATIS, Melvin Homer (I63725)
173 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MATIS, Timothy Allen (I63726)
174 Note: Both the 1900 and 1910 US Census reports show a marriage date of 1890 which seems more likely than 1880 as May was born in 1870 and would have been only 10 years old in 1880. Furthermore, the 1880 US Census taken on 19 Jun 1880 shows Chester living at home in Randolph, Ohio. Family F3216
175 Note: Deborah Merriam Peckham suggests this person and MERRIAM, Eliza (I10266) are the same person. She believes Pope incorrectly recorded the name Eliza as she says there is no record of an Eliza in this family. MERRIAM, Robertina A (I15649)
176 NOTE: His birth is recorded as 9 Jun 1901, however that is in conflict with the birth date of his brother Donald S Merriam who records show was born 8 May 1901. Possibly they are the same person as Daniel does not appear in the 1910 US Census and Donald does. More clarification is needed. MFT  MERRIAM, Daniel (I72996)
177 NOTE: It seems unlikely that this person was the son of Jacob and Mary Merriam as they would have been 14 and 11 years age respectively at the time of his recorded birth. Further investigation is required. MERRIAM, James O (I9674)
178 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. YORGASON, Jon Michael (I72911)
179 Note: Legally changed his name to George Henry Merriam in 1836. PRIDE, George Merriam (I11975)
180 NOTE: MFT believes Hannah married James Russell (I9517) after the death of her 1st husband, John Merriam (5219). MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded James Russell as the husband of Hannah Merriam (I4594) who was the daughter of the above Hannah and John Merriam. HALL, Hannah (I4657)
181 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly record this person as the 2nd wife of Amos Merriam (5279). Records show she was the wife of Amos Merriam (I5392) and is the same person as Susan Knights (I12225) MERRIAM, Sukey ? (Wife Of Amos) (I5066)
182 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded Hannah as being the wife of James Russell (I9517). Based on available records, MFT now believes she was the wife of Josiah Flint (I71685).  MERRIAM, Hannah (I4594)
183 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded the marriage of this person to Huldah Burton (Barton), I12556. No records have been located to support that marriage.  MERRIAM, Samuel (I5577)
184 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded this name. ARNOLD, Mary Jane (I7036)
185 NOTE: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded this person as the daughter of Amos Merriam (I5279). Records show she was the daughter of Amos Merriam (I5392) and the same person as Susan (Sukey) Merriam (I12226).  MERRIAM, Sukey (I5070)
186 Note: MFT believes Pope incorrectly recorded this person as the husband of Hannah Merriam (I4594). MFT believes he was the 2nd husband of Hannah (Hall) Merriam (I4657) who was the wife/widow of John Merriam (I5219) and mother of the above Hannah Merriam. RUSSELL, James (I9517)
187 NOTE: MFT believes this person and Arthur Harrison MERRIAM (I15875) are the same person. MERRIAM, George Harrison (I50369)
188 NOTE: MFT believes this person is the same person as George Harrison MERRIAM (I50369). While Pope makes no mention of him, his name does appear in several Vital Records, whereas, the only record for George is his Massachusetts Birth Record. MERRIAM, Arthur Harrison (I15875)
189 Note: Pope incorrectly recoded his name as MORTON.
MOULTON, Augustus (I13474)
190 NOTE: Pope incorrectly recorded her birth date as 9 Oct 1876. Appears the last two digits of the year were reversed. SMITH, Anna Louisa (I69046)
191 NOTE: Pope incorrectly recorded that this person married both Samuel Merriam (I5577) and Samuel Merriam (I5428) on May 27, 1819. Records show she married Samuel Merriam (I5428). BURTON, Huldah (I12556)
192 Note: Pope recorded Gertrude's birth date as June 1901, however, in that her father died in 1873 that birth date is not possible. Her grave record shows a birth date of 1867.  MERRIAM, Gertrude E (I9399)
193 Note: Pope recorded Waldo's birth as June 1901,however, in that his father died in 1873 that birth date is not possible. His marriage record shows a birth date of 1869 which is more probable. MERRIAM, Waldo W (I9400)
194 NOTE: Pope stated Cyrus died April 19, 1879, however, that date is incorrect as Cyrus was alive and living in Cazenovia, NY in 1900. Death date of May 4, 1902 inscribed on gravestone appears to be correct. April 19, 1879 is the date his wife, Myra, died as indicated by the inscription on her gravestone. RDM MERRIAM, Cyrus (I5521)
195 NOTE: Possibly the same person as MERRIAM, Charles Arthur (I60303).  MERRIAM, Charles Arthur (#2) (I60304)
196 NOTE: Possibly the same person as MERRIAM, Charles Arthur (I60304). MERRIAM, Charles Arthur (#1) (I60303)
197 NOTE: Records from the family of Edmund Arnold Merriam III plus US Census records suggest that Pope incorrectly recorded this person as being Jennie M Arnold. No records have been located to support this. ARNOLD, Mary Jane (I7036)
198 NOTE: Records from the family of Edmund Arnold Merriam III show that Pope incorrectly recorded this person as Annie R Merriam. MERRIAM, Amy Robbins (I7039)
199 NOTE: Records indicate Pope incorrectly recorded the spelling of this person's name WHITAKER, Henry Lyman (I12847)
200 NOTE: Records of the family of Edmund Arnold Merriam III indicate Pope incorrectly recorded this person. MERRIAM, Amy Robbins (I7039)

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